September 24, 2023

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Filó unlocks the game and reveals a flowery secret to Tadeu

Filó unlocks the game and reveals a flowery secret to Tadeu


Tadu will be shocked and disappointed by the revelation about his father

Philo will tell the truth to his son.
© Photo: Reproduction / TV GloboPhilo will tell the truth to his son.

wet land He holds several surprises for Tadeu (José Loreto). In scenes set to air next week, Filó (Dira Paes)’s son will discover a flowery secret of his mother and will have a turning point in his relationship with jota (Julia Dalavi).

In the scenes scheduled for next week, the pawn will end its relationship with Jota. With the arrival of Marcelo (Lucas Leto), the relationship between the two will be shaken. Tenório’s daughter (Murilo Benício) goes to find Filó’s son to talk, but the two end up arguing.

Filho will be involved in the controversy and get angry at the position of Tenorio and the daughter of Maria Broca (Isabel Teixeira), who will say that her boyfriend does not look like Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmeiras). Disappointed, Philo leaves the place. Tadao will accompany her, asking for answers from her mother. Philo will say, “I have never lied to you in my life, son!” Tadeau replies, “Am I just the son of a father or only one mother? I want to know the truth!”

“If you want the truth, Tadeu…the truth is you’re not his son! But you’re saving his life!” , will reveal. Then, Tado will be shocked and ask why he saved Jose Leoncio’s life. “Because your father lost the will to live when you took Dona Maddalena Juventino from here. That’s why you admitted that you were his son…”, explains Phil.

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