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ex Britney Spears invades the star's wedding;  The police have been called

ex Britney Spears invades the star’s wedding; The police have been called

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06/09/2022 19:06update in 06/09/2022 19:29

a Britney Spears and Wissam Asgari’s wedding takes place today in Los AngelesAccording to local sources, the event took on a more dramatic tone after one of the singer’s ex-husbands invaded the concert venue, according to TMZ.

Jason Alexander made a livestream on his Instagram the moment he tried to break into Britney’s wedding venue. He approached security at the event and said he had received an invitation from the singer herself.

The singer’s ex-husband continued to display events as he entered the star’s house, until Jason’s screen broke. According to TMZ, the authorities at the scene were called, and he was stopped outside the scene and immobilized.

Jason was one of the star’s close friends during his youth. The two married in a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas in 2004, and an annulment lawsuit was filed 55 hours later.

In addition, he recently announced his support for the Free Britney movement and said, at one of the demonstrations in support of the singer’s freedom, that she is talking with Jason.

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