June 12, 2024

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Juliet gets scolded by Gkay, and Lexa does a lot on Anitta TV news show in June

Juliet gets scolded by Gkay, and Lexa does a lot on Anitta TV news show in June

Anita She had a traditional June party on a Wednesday night (8). Among the highlights of Arraiá are Juliet and Jakayi, who pinned each other to Instagram Stories after the comedian accused the former BBB of not posting enough on her social network. Plus, Lexa was careless and ended up showing off a lot when facing the mechanical bull, the fraternity’s most contested attraction.

The exhibition had a special reason for holding it: to commemorate Healing Anita’s fatherMauro Machado. The veteran was cured of lung cancer, and before the disease was discovered he had already had a stroke. Happy with the news, funkeira organized a last minute party and asked the guests to bring food and drink.

“We decided here that we will have an impromptu party in June tomorrow to celebrate. Everyone who was invited contact me here on WhatsApp and I will talk to you. Because I will not have time to solve all kinds of food, no, she said, drink too.”

Momozinho was the first to arrive at the party, even before everything was ready. Anita even mocked the samba artist on Instagram. “I arrived hours ago, Momozinho, the party is not now!” , He said. “But I organize it! Only your mother fixed the light,” the artist explained.

Gkay and Anitta combined their look with a mini skirt, a plaid crop top with shiny fringes and a hat, pink tiktoker and green funkeira. “Pink and Pink of the New Generation,” they named the two while showing off the outfits on their social networks.

Juliet was also one of the guests of honor at the party and was accused by Gkay, who revealed that her fans wanted her to record content with the singer. “You’re on Twitter asking me all the time for stories and pictures,” the comedian said. “But I’m too ashamed to ask for stories [para você]”, the BBB 21 champion admitted.

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The comedian, who promised to take a “crash course” with the artist, exclaimed, “Cactus, TikTok will be in the morning, noon and evening, live broadcast, YouTube video, OK?”

Lexa was one of the victims of the mechanical bull. During the party, all the guests tried their luck with the game, and in the swing Vankira ended up showing off a good chunk of her butt.

Juliet sneered at this moment and joked with the machine operator who was enjoying the spurious stuff. “Hey, boy! Not to hypnotize yourself, it’s a running bull, handsome! He’s hypnotized! With an ass it’s not worth it, Lexa, it’s an advantage!” , Release.

Check out the best moments in the videos below: