September 29, 2023

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Experts say Putin's investigation in The Hague may not include sanctions

Experts say Putin’s investigation in The Hague may not include sanctions

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a The International Criminal Court has decided to open an investigation against Russia over the war in Ukraine. The procedure can start proceedings at the court, which is also known as the Hague Tribunal, which hears cases of genocide and crimes against humanity.ebcebc

the case He arrived at the court last Sunday at the request of the Government of Ukraine. On social media, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he expects an urgent court decision.

Experts heard before Discount It states that the court can even analyze the dispute, but it is difficult to know what penalties will be imposed due to the jurisdiction of the court.

Renato RibeiroA specialist in state and political law, he explains that the International Criminal Court plays an important role in recognizing a possible war crime committed by the Russian ruler.

However, according to Ribeiro, It is absolutely unlikely, whatever the outcome of the operation, that Vladimir Putin will be subjected to any kind of punishment or punishment per se. Russia is not a member of the International Criminal Court. That is, it does not recognize its competence and does not comply with any sanctions. Such a court cannot prosecute Russian citizens on Russian soil.”

According to the lawyer, for Putin to be effective, he must be held in the territory of a state that recognizes the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Practically, even Ukraine is not part of the ICC, but it does recognize its jurisdiction.

“In the event of a final conviction, I only see the possibility of punishing the Russian president in this case, very far, he was removed and expelled from Russian soil or handed over by the Russians themselves to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court,” she says.

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for the criminal Rodrigo BarbosaThe International Criminal Court has very special powers: it is an international court and is not part of the sovereignty of any state and only judges four types of crimes: the crime of genocide; crimes against humanity; war crimes; The crime of aggression. All of these crimes for the International Criminal Court do not have a statute of limitations.

In this case, it is difficult to find out exactly what Russia’s stock rating is, or more specifically its head. For the ICC, judges are people, not states, states, or states. Other members of the Russian government may also be denounced.” she says.

according to Acacio Miranda da Silva Filhoa specialist in international law, in addition to being not authorized by the United Nations Security Council, it is important to note that aggression and actions committed by Russia against Ukraine are shaped by the types provided for by the Rome Statute, which provides for the requirements for the formation of war crimes or aggression crimes.

“Consequently, the legal interpretation and interpretation of international bodies is that there is clearly a state of war and that there is interference between one country and another, which the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court can ultimately judge the commission of these crimes,” Says.

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