July 25, 2024

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The woman is being compensated with $2.9 million after her home was accidentally broken into by the police and arrested naked in the USA.

CHICAGO — The Chicago City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved an agreement to compensate a woman who accidentally broke into her home by police, surprised by naked clients. Anjanette Young will receive $2.9 million (equivalent to 16.4 million Brazilian Real).

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Police officers mistakenly stormed Anjanet’s home in February 2019. Agents entered the house to search and arrest the victim. She was tied up the whole time. The police later admitted that they had entered the wrong house.

The police action was carried out in compliance with a court order obtained after receiving anonymous information. Agents search for armed criminal who will be at the scene. However, the suspect’s address was in a building across the street.

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This approach was made when nurse Anjanet had just returned from work. Her hands were tied and a police officer partially covered her body, but part of it was still exposed. After about a minute another agent brought a blanket. Police officers took the woman to the bathroom to get dressed 12 minutes after the victim was detained.

The entire event was filmed by cameras attached to police uniforms. The videos show Anjanet, upset about the situation, trying to tell the police that they are in the wrong house.

In December last year, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot released the photos and began changing the protocols for executing search and forfeiture warrants. The compensation was approved by the County Finance Commission and supported by Lightfoot.

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