June 21, 2024

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Fábio Porchat warns of Porta dos Fundos’ end-of-year offer: ‘There are believers who love it’

every end of the year the back door It launches a game specific to religious history, and of course the YouTube channel is the target of criticism from many religious Internet users. thinking about it, Fabio Porsche, one of the stars of Porta, has already warned that, despite the “interruptions”, specials are having a hit on social networks.

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“I have this feeling that all religious people hate it, but I hear a lot of religious people coming in to speak to us well. [Eles dizem:] ‘I like it, I attended my assembly [de Deus]“The priest gave it to us, we love it, we think it is very funny,” the priests come to talk. “There are a lot of believers who like him because they are more open,” Fabio said.

The special was released recently, called “Te Prego Lá Fora”, but has already been targeted by the Dom Bosco Center, who went to court to try to censor the video. “If a Christmas special shakes your faith, it’s probably because your faith isn’t quite as strong. If a puppet joke makes you doubt something, I think the problem isn’t Christmas, it’s more your faith!”

Check out the trailer:

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