June 21, 2024

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Bill Araujo was shaken by the death of Marilia Mendonca: 'Strain in the heart'

Bill Araujo was shaken by the death of Marilia Mendonca: ‘Strain in the heart’

Bill Araujo Find out this Friday (17) the news of a death Marilia MendoncaAnd Victim of a plane crash in early November. He was the singer’s security guard and the two became friends, but since he was confined to “A Fazenda 13” he had no access to any information at the time of death. He announced on his Instagram Stories “Heart Fist”.

(Photo: Instagram @mariliamendoncacantora)

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I am sad. What a tightness in my heart, my ladyAnnounced while sharing a video in it Marilia He seems to be joking about his name. In the log it says:

“I was really hurt because I didn’t know his name was Arcripiano. I called him Bill, as far as I think the nickname is meaningless. He could be Crepey…more authentic.”

Unaware of the incident, Bell mentions his friendship with Marilia Mendonca in “A Fazenda.”

invoice I was in the headquarters room talking to me Thiago Picuelo In mid-November while other walkers sang some songs, among them, “AbsenceWho succeeded in the voice Marilia Mendonca. it was when invoice The citizen asked if he knew her.

thiago He said he didn’t get the chance, but Hugo, with whom she is a partner, went to her concert. right on time, invoice praised and praised Murillo Hoff, the father of her son, and the citizen said: “I know him very well, we stayed together in the hotel.”

“he [Murilo] He posted a song for him on my Instagram,” the former BBB said. “He is one of the greatest songwriters. “The animal is cruel,” he said. thiago. “The boy is good,” he added. invoice.

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then, Remember his friendship with MariliaAnd Since he was your security guard even before joining the Globo reality show, and defined her asDirty woman, very good people, fun as hell“.

Team Bell shared this moment on Twitter. a look:

Marilia He died prematurely at the age of 26 After a plane crash on November 5 in the Serrana de Caratinga region, within the state of Minas Gerais. She was on her way to a concert when the plane hit a high-voltage tower cable before crashing.

In addition to her, four more people lost their lives: Henrique Ribeiro, better known as Henrique Bahia, producer of Marília; Abicieli Silveira Dias FilhoUncle and advisor. Geraldo Martins de Medeiros Jr.Plane pilot. Tarciso Pessoa VianaParticipate in Pilotto.

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