May 28, 2024

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Fabiola Riber is sick live and hastily removed from balance sheet TV News

Fabiola Riber is sick live and hastily removed from balance sheet TV News

Fabiola Rieber has not reached the end framing poison time This Tuesday (2). The journalist even participated in the opening of the gossip section of Balanço Geral SP, on the record, but she had a bad feeling and had to leave in the middle of the attraction. Reinaldo Guetino and Renato Lombardi led the show to the end and even joked that she could be pregnant.

to me the newsIt was just a bad feeling, she said, but she took a serum at the Record outpatient clinic while she was home. She claimed that she did not eat anything different and did not know the cause of the horror. With humor, she still denied that she felt sick because she was expecting a baby and said she hoped to return to the program normally on Wednesday (3).

Gottino explained to the audience the sudden absence and told the audience that Fabiola was fine at lunchtime – they had pasta and meatballs, according to Lombardi. “Just before the show, she felt a little nauseous, but she said, ‘No, I’m going [fazer o quadro] Yes I will’. And she started spreading the news with us here.”

The presenter then announced that his friend would be supported by the Record medical team. “We have a very nice security structure here, and they will be able to take care of Fabiola,” he said.

Lombardi seriously agreed: “It’s going to give you a feeling of nausea because she’s been there, which is bad. Anyone who has it, you know.” “We never went through that, but Lombardy and I will continue the picture here,” the announcer added.

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After the balance sheet rolled out, Guetino posted a video on Twitter to let fans know about the status of the gossip. “People, we’re here at the door of the Record outpatient clinic. We’ve come to see Fabiola, she’s fine, she’s developing well. I felt a little bad and nauseous, which is why I quit the program today. She’s going soon. Be with us again.”

“This was a small stomach problem, but it has already been treated. It will go away quickly,” Lombardi said. “Thanks for the kind messages. We love you too. Thanks!” Gutino finished.

Fabiola Repair is hastily removed exactly one week after she and Goteno Missed the program Because he was in close contact with Marcos Paulo Sousa, Cobra Judit’s therapist, who has tested positive for Covid-19. As a precaution, they were off the bench on Tuesday (26th) and only He returned on Friday (29), after he had negative tests.

Check out the videos of Gottino talking about Fabiola’s illness: