June 13, 2024

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Facily: Starting group buying is the latest Brazilian unicorn

Facily: Starting group buying is the latest Brazilian unicorn

Diego Dzodan, co-founder of Facily (disclosure)

The group’s purchaser, Facily, is the latest Brazilian startup valued at more than $1 billion – to become the unicorn. On Wednesday (23) the company announced the extension of its $135 million Series D round.

The new figure adds to the $250 million announced in November, coaching by Goodwater and Propus. Facily started three years ago as a social commerce platform – allowing users to band together to place big orders and get discounts. The business model is based on Chinese e-commerce.

in early december From zero to the top Entrepreneurship brand Infomoney – You mentioned that the startup was valued at $850 million and I negotiated a new round that would make him a unicorn.

Facily’s sales grew 46 times between January and October of this year. In October alone, more than 7 million applications were submitted. According to the company, the new contribution will boost investments already made in logistics and customer experience, in addition to supporting the company’s expansion plans in 2022.

“Our e-commerce models are inspired by America or Europe. But the Chinese have discovered models based on AI and messaging. We saw how WeChat allowed you to use messaging between friends to place group orders directly with manufacturers,” said Diego Dzodan, co-founder of Facily. In an interview with Do Zero ao Topo about the business idea.

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