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Fan art imagines what an old version of Kratos would look like

Fan art imagines what an old version of Kratos would look like

God of War A new chapter has begun in Playstation 4in which the mighty Kratos He needs to face the challenges of parenthood in the Scandinavian world. Many speculate that the ghost of Sparta will leave the limelight for his boy son Atreus, In the near future. Thinking of retired Kratos, an artist drew an old version of God of War.

In the illustration published in redditArtist Buffybumcheeks painted an ancient version of Kratos, with a bushy white beard and marks from his long adventures in mythical realms. He predicted that the hero would die in Ragnarok Everything indicated that he was preparing for the day. paying off:

Biggest Kratos

In addition to their classic armament, the feathers of chaos it’s the leviathan axthe warrior uses the hammer of Thor, Mjolnirwhich must have been taken directly from the cold Thunder God’s body, after killing him in the harshest way possible.

Another novelty in his appearance is tattoos Northern runes, on his head and arms – perhaps a gift from Atreus to protect him in such difficult times. Even at an advanced age, from the artist’s point of view, Kratos would continue to fight for what he believed in, defying the will of the gods to the end.

Can Kratos, with such stubbornness, defy his fate and escape death? Let’s find out when God of War: Ragnarok Coming to PlayStation 4 and 5 in 2022.

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