June 23, 2024

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Imagem de: Novo The Witcher é confirmado e será feito na Unreal Engine 5

The new The Witcher has been confirmed and will be manufactured in Unreal Engine 5

Surprising fans, CD Projekt Red confirmed that a new game from the magician Under development. According to the company, it will be a new epic and the game will abandon REDengine, Witcher 3It will be produced on the latest Unreal Engine 5, which has many great graphics features for the current generation of consoles.

At the moment, there are no details and only an official photo has been released, showing a locket (which we still don’t know) lying on the snow, with a teaser saying: “A new story begins.” Production on Unreal Engine 5 will be part of a partnership with Epic Games (and possibly new versions of the graphics engine during game development) in which both companies help each other create a new open world in first technology. paying off:

This is a new achievement for CD Projekt Red, which has been using REDengine since then The Witcher 2 He is currently the engine behind Cyberpunk 2077 (and will continue with the game’s expansions). According to Paul Zawdney, chief technology officer of the developer, switching to the Unreal Engine will bring more efficiency to the game creation project, as the company has invested in the past a lot of resources to improve the engine’s own technology. The CTO also emphasizes that using the Unreal Engine is not a license, but a long-term partnership.

However, while the partnership with Epic Games is strong, CD Projekt Red won’t make the new The Witcher an exclusive to the Epic Games Store, and it should reach more PC game stores, such as Steam and GOG itself, which owns CDPR.

The new game the magician No official name, release date, or platforms have been revealed yet.

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