May 30, 2024

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Far from Mais Você, Anna Maria Braga Reveals the Diagnosis

Far from Mais Você, Anna Maria Braga Reveals the Diagnosis

This Thursday (26), viewers of Mais Você felt a lack of Anna Maria Braga In charge of. He was replaced by journalists Fabricio Battaglini and Talitha Moretti, and the presenter had to leave due to health problems. On her social media, Anna revealed that she only had the flu and ruled out the possibility of being diagnosed with Covid-19.

“I have the flu. It’s not Covid, it’s the flu,” Anna said in an Instagram post. The presenter also clarified the differences between diseases and directed the followers to prevent the Corona virus. “Always test for the Covid virus and avoid contact with other people.”

In a kind of brochure, the introduction took the information so that her audience would have more knowledge of the disease. to me Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Vuecruz)Brazil showed an increase in Covid-19 cases in all regions between May 15 and 21.

Among the information, the brochure says that the strongest symptoms of Covid-19 usually appear from the fifth or sixth day, while the symptoms of influenza are severe in the first 48 hours after infection. Also, in cases of influenza, the cough is usually dry. In cases of infection with the Corona virus, the cough is severe and persistent.

Anna also warned of difficulty breathing. Symptoms are one of the most worrying signs in people with Covid-19. The presenter emphasized the urgent need for medical care in these cases.

Due to her absence, Ana Maria Braga will not present Mais Você on Friday (27). However, on Wednesday, she left a previously unreleased recording of the show on the air.