June 22, 2024

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The trailer reinforces the theory with three versions of heroes

The trailer reinforces the theory with three versions of heroes

NS New trailer from Spider-Man: No Home It may not have been confirmed Andrew Garfield NS Tobey Maguire In the new Teioso movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but it certainly reinforced the theory that the protagonist’s previous interpreters would be in the Adventure Tournament Tom Holland.

The first sign is the slip behind Sony Pictures Entertainment In the dubbed Portuguese version of the trailer (maybe it is the international distribution part for the preview). It shows the villain Lagarto who is clearly slapped by a character who has been digitally erased from the scene. Set in what appears to be a building area, the setting is identical to that seen in the alleged leaked footage from the film’s set that showed Garfield and Maguire during filming.

Moreover, the main alternative theory of the presence of previous artists in the new film – that there will actually be two alternate versions of Peter Parker living in Holland too – they seem to fall apart at 0:57 of the latest trailer. That’s when Otto Octavius, Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) He takes off his Tiosu mask and says: You are not Peter Parker.. Although the alternate Tom Holland experienced could have a slightly different characterization, the character (which everything refers to is the same that Maguire encountered in spider man 2, from 2004) would not deny his identity if that was the way the plot was.

Finally, there is the basic structure of the plot, which is finally revealed through dialogues between Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Parker. Apparently, the encounter with the villain will take place after he prevents the young Ultimate Mage from returning them to their own universes, as this means that they will die in clashes with the version of Spider-Man in them. If there is so much emphasis on the difference between the alternate worlds, everything indicates that it will also be respected should more than one friend next door appear in the film.

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According to Holland, Spider-Man: No Home It was seen as the “end” of Peter Parker’s novelthat started in Captain America: Civil War, 2016.

Spider-Man: No Home It will feature the return of several former stars of the franchise: From Jamie Foxx, from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, once again as the villain Electro; To Alfred Molina, from Spider-Man 2, as Doctor Octopus.

The feature premiere is scheduled for December 16 In Brazilian cinemas.