June 21, 2024

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Faustão passa por pior crise, esgota orçamento da Band e é obrigado a lidar com notícia de demissão

Faustão goes through a crisis at Band, runs out of budget and deals with class

Due to lack of budget, the program had new losses, including the important name

And the witch is still at large in the studios Faustau in the band. After Leonor Correia, her sister, and Marcelo MadureiraOld cassette and planetLeave the show, and now the veteran deals with new resignation news that has already hit several sectors as well as the trend.

That’s right, exclusive sources from TV Foco confirmed that a big name left Gravity, which has not yet arrived for three months on the air. As if that weren’t enough, the wave of layoffs has yet to come.

The youngest was expelled This is none other than Marcelo Nunes, the director in charge of structuring and building the studio that Faustau has praised.. The professional did a really excellent job and gave the veteran a home at the Globo level, but now the space will be at the mercy of the squad themselves.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. The islands of Liberation and Production were also within sight of Saad’s high dome. Several editors and producers were abandoned An argument that salaries were so costly to the program, which is in an ugly crisis for the public.

Faustau under the leadership of his program on the band (Image: clone)

Finally, it should be noted that before that even ballet was outdated. Six dancers were sent away and were not and should not be replaced.

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The exclusive source of TV Foco within the range He also confirms that the Broadcasters Union is staying on top of the station due to the extra working hours in production.

To get worse…

The Fausto controversy isn’t just about employee losses. Last Thursday (14), this column reported that some colleagues from Globo’s time simply refuse to go to the new veteran’s house, as is the case with Gio Ebank, Bruno Galiaso, Bruna Marchesin, Fernanda Souza and Grazie Masafira.

While some claim to have a “complete schedule,” others don’t even bother responding to Faustão’s production call. Even more bizarre is that they all actually participated in the “Domingão”, a golden age veteran.

Faustão and some celebrities who refused to appear on his show (Editing: TV Foco)

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