June 12, 2024

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Federal lottery result Saturday 5640 today

Federal lottery result Saturday 5640 today

A player from Caixa could win a prize of 1.3 million Brazilian reais on Saturday, February 19, if his ticket appeared in the result of the 5640 Federal Lottery. It was finally withdrawn.

Federal Lottery Result Contest 5640

Check the ticket numbers drawn in the Federal Lottery 5640 result and the prize for each one:

32646 – Prize of 1,350,000.00 Brazilian Real
89312 – Prize 15,500.00 Brazilian Real
79044 A prize of 13,000 Brazilian riyals
12271 Prize 14,000.00 Brazilian Real
37159 – Prize of 12200.00 Brazilian riyals


Federal Lottery Prize

In this method, five principal installments are paid for each extraction. Players can win the following amounts in regular competitions: R$500,000, R$27,000, R$24,000, R$19,000 and R$18,300.

However, once a month, Caixa extracts a millionaire per month who pays premiums: 1.3 million Brazilian reais, 15.5 thousand Brazilian reais, 14 thousand Brazilian reais, 13 thousand Brazilian reais and 12.2 thousand Brazilian reais. Tickets that do not appear in the 5640 Federal Lottery Result can also win.

In addition to the main five prizes, you can win by hitting:

  • One of the five numbers drawn for the main prizes or first prize unit;
  • thousands, hundreds, and tens of any of the numbers drawn in the five main prizes;
  • The last ten corresponds to one of the three preceding or following the ten of the number drawn for the first prize.

How do you get the federal lottery prize today?

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The 5640 Federal Lottery Prize can be redeemed at Caixa branches upon submission of RG and CPF. If the amount is less than $1903.98, the winner can also draw at lottery outlets.

Caixa Lottery prizes are valid for up to 90 days after the result of the draw. After this period, the amounts are transferred to the National Treasury for application in the FIES – Higher Education Student Finance Fund.

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