June 23, 2024

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Felipe Neto announces the end of his relationship with Bruna Gomez

Felipe Neto announces the end of his relationship with Bruna Gomez

Felipe Neto ended his relationship for nearly five years With influencer Bruna Gomez. The news of the termination was spread via YouTuber’s advice to Instagram, without going into further details about the motive behind the breakup.

In late November, he also surprised followers by showing him a copy of his bank account.

The digital influencer team has published an official statement about the termination of the relationship. Felipe Neto’s press office reports, especially to fans, that the communicator’s relationship with digital influencer Bruna Gomez has ended after nearly five years. Felipe thanks everyone for their affection and attention, to those who have been following his work for years and who have truly rooted for his happiness, well-being and mental health,” the note began.

The letter also stated that he will be taking time off from social media. He will stay off social media for as long as he deems necessary, until he feels fully prepared to make a comeback. On behalf of the entire team standing next to Philip, we ask you not to come up with or believe theories and stories about the ending.”

He thanked the kind messages he received from his fans, and also took the opportunity to send another message to her haters, who accused him of “wanting a cookie” on social media..

It was already established as one of the largest YouTubers in Brazil, and with millions of followers, many Instagram users regretted Felipe’s decision and stated that they did not expect it. One wrote, “Shocked.” Another commented, “Don’t do that please.” “Wow, I loved this couple! I hope they are doing well,” said one more.

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