June 21, 2024

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After a display of procrastination and harassment, Hack asks a million questions

After a display of procrastination and harassment, Hack asks a million questions

Luciano Hack asks the Million Dollar Question for the first time in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (clone/@domingao/twitter)

News summary:

  • Four years later, Luciano Hack asked the “Million Question” for “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” for the first time?

  • Although the moment was touched, the audience had to deal with the presenter’s bullshit and nonsense

  • Frame may be removed from Domingão in 2022

Four years after the painting began being presented in the Calderao, Luciano Hack finally posed the “Million Question” from “Quem Quer Ser um Millionaire”, this Sunday (26), on Domingão, on TV Globo. The long-awaited moment was widely commented on on social media, although it required more patience from the public. Until reaching the climax of the game show, the presenter perfected the political discourse and made the audience at the base of the monument.

Those who took the program from the start already imagined that candidate Rafael Cunha, a professor and CEO of an education company, would go far in the game. There were 14 questions up to the long-awaited Million Question, and they were all answered calmly and based on the most diverse fields of knowledge.

However, unlike Fun show do Milhão with Celso Portiolli, one of the big news on Brazilian TV in 2021, Luciano Hack doesn’t let the game get too fast. In his own style, the presenter likes to rip up the board with personal questions or social comments after every award he gets in the game. Unfortunately, the same pattern repeated this Sunday.

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With Rafael Cunha, Huck insisted on emphasizing the “importance of education” in society at all times, and insistent on promoting to the public just how symbolic the teacher’s winning of the long-awaited Millionaire award. For those who think Domingão with Huck is very reminiscent of the political agenda, but with an added touch of emotion, it was further evidence of the thesis.

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In the Million Dollar Question, Rafael Cunha, unfortunately, faced a difficult question: “The communication technology” Bluetooth “takes its name from: a – river; b – king; c – general; d – castle.” Not knowing that the resource was a reference to a Danish Viking king, the professor preferred to keep only the R$500,000 he had secured.

The experience, in the end, was not entirely wasted – Rafael Cunha earned a large sum of money and the audience (including me, I’ll admit) was able to learn more about Harald Gormsson, Harald of the Blue Tooth (blue in English is “blue” and teeth, “Dental” – hence the name of the function found in smartphones), which is responsible for the unification of Denmark and Norway.

Despite this, Hack himself seems to have realized that the board could have made more—in terms of money and entertainment. “I don’t even know if I will return to Domingão. My dream was to ask the million questions, and I asked the million,” said the presenter, anticipating the recast that Domingão would be presented with in 2022. If “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Stay Sunday, we’re only asking for the essentials: a quiz game.

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