June 6, 2023

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Fernanda Gentil (Foto: AgNews)

Fernanda Gentile, unintentionally, is kicked out of Globo and news leaks on TV

After stepping up to lead the World Cup, Fernanda Gentile could leave Globo permanently at the end of the year, according to the columnist.

Fernanda Gentile Globo may leave after the end of the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year. After a series of failures in the entertainment field, the blonde could end her career at Carioca Station With the end of coverage of the matches.

“Urgent, it just broke. She doesn’t know yet, and she’ll find out now. My source doesn’t have the details yet, but the hammer has struck: Fernanda Gentile is leaving Globo after the World Cup, revealed Alessandro Lo Bianco, from A Tarde é Sua”.

RedeTV Columnist! He stated that his source approved the dismissals that have drawn attention in recent times, such as Faustão and Tiago Leifert and the departure of Fátima Bernardes from “Encontro” to lead “The Voice Brasil”.


Sonia Abrau was disgusted by the news about Fernanda Gentile and assessed that the announcer took the professional from where she was successful, the sport, and unfairly ignored her. “[Ela] And he ate the bread that Satan had kneaded because of the same standing,” he blew.

The journalist was also saddened by the possible departure of the presenter, who performed “Se Joga” and “Zig Zag Arena” while on the show. “Everyone knows she’s a professional in hell. Wow, so sad.”

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refrigerator version

Columnist Carla Bettencourt, of Notícias da TV, announced that Fernanda Gentile had asked the directors to present the Trophy Center at the end of the year. The blonde is not comfortable receiving a salary without working, because she’s been in the fridge since late December. The celebrity confirmed in several interviews that she does not like to stay in the comfort zone, but everything indicates her desire to return to sports.

Globo hits the hammer and announces Fernanda Gentile's score at the station after failing at Zig Zag Arena
Fernanda Gentile at “Zig Zag Arena” (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

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