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Maria Zelda Bethlem blasts Arthur Aguiar: 'I had the bad luck to work with him' |  TV

Maria Zelda Bethlem blasts Arthur Aguiar: ‘I had the bad luck to work with him’ | TV

Maria Zelda and Arthur Aguiarreproduction

Posted on 05/19/2022 09:11

Rio – Actress Maria Zelda Bethelem criticized the behavior of some young actors in an interview with “Fama TV” on RedeTV!. According to the actress, who has been out of the small screen since 2016’s “Êta Mundo Bom”, some representatives of the new generation just want to get acquainted with social networks.

“I had bad luck because, on my last series, I worked with two young boys during director training, who were on the phone working on Snapchat. And when the director said, ‘Record’, they would come up to me and the actress said ‘Zeldinha what?’ Where am I staying?” However, the only actor to win a “BBB” award was Arthur Aguiar.

The actress also commented on the choice of Jade Picon for the series “Travessia” directed by Glória Perez. “I don’t have anything for or against. I’m against your desire to be famous when you don’t want to be an actor or you don’t have the talent for it, you just want to show up. So you use to take the space, make someone act, have talent, go on set. To work without studying, without knowing its text, without paying attention to rehearsals. ”

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