June 22, 2024

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Fiat Cronos with CVT gearbox actually spins without disguise

Fiat is preparing for further changes to be a national portfolio and Cronos CVT will be one of the upcoming releases.

The Argentina-made compact sedan will soon arrive with the same transmission as the Pulse and Strada models, offered in Drive, Audace, Impetus and Ranch versions, respectively.

Very soon to appear, the Fiat Cronos CVT appears on the streets without camouflage and shows the novelty in the trunk, as can be seen in this channel shot Tweet embed.

The photo was taken by channel follower Cristiano Abadi. In the photo you can see the “AT” badge, although the system is a CVT.

Spotted: Fiat Cronos with CVT gearbox is already traded without disguise

In any case, it is also automatic and will allow Cronos to get a package with more comfort when driving with this gearbox, with a special emphasis on linearity and economy.

Equipped with a 1.3 Firefly 8V (L7) engine, the Fiat Cronos, shown in the photos, will have 98 hp on gasoline and 107 hp on ethanol, both at 6250 rpm.

With 13.2 kgfm in petroleum derivative and 13.7 kgfm in vegetable fuel, both at 4000 rpm, the Fiat Cronos CVT should offer good consumption, as well as its brethren.

As the 2023 line, Cronos will likely receive this box without a steering wheel paddle shifter on the Drive, which will only be available on Precision and HGT versions.

Spotted: Fiat Cronos with CVT gearbox is already traded without disguise

It will be able to get a GSE 1.0 Turbo with up to 130 horsepower. As with Cronos, the Argo will also receive a CVT gearbox, which has manual shifts on the lever and can offer paddle shifts.

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Argo Trekking and HGT are also expected to have a GSE 1.0 Turbo engine, allowing you to extract more of that engine for better driving.

Thus, Fiat will complete its portfolio change with the 1.3 CVT and possibly the 1.0 Turbo CVT combination in the two already known agreements.

Otherwise, a new version should appear for both, using the 1.3 engine with CVT in a show that won’t raise prices as much, something Fiat avoided with the Strada Ranch.

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