May 24, 2024

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"Fifa 22" takes advantage of the graphic and technical development in the new generation of gaming devices;  I played g1 |  games

“Fifa 22” takes advantage of the graphic and technical development in the new generation of gaming devices; I played g1 | games

It is that time of year when football fans save a little money to buy the new version of their favorite series of this genre.

‘Fifa 22’ released for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X/S, Switch, Stadia and PC on Friday (1) With the always reliable graphic and technical development, this time slightly ahead thanks to the new generation of consoles.

With him, that also comes Old question if a new annual game is really needed to slightly update what has been seen in recent releases.

The decision by Konami, Electronic Arts’ main competitor in the field of digital football, to convert the “Pro Evolution Soccer” franchise to “eFootball” for free, with free updates every season, raises suspicion.

With the contest launch on Thursday (30th) failing, with notes and criticisms of Grandma’s drawings, The answer to the question is now positive. – But you could almost say that it happens more because of luck than judgment.

Watch the trailer for the movie Fifa 22

More realism again

The big evolution feature in “Fifa 22” is the HyperMotion system, one of those new features promised every year that results in even more advanced graphics and physics when analyzed in replays or collisions, but impacts more distance than the classic side cam. the pace of the game,

The last two paragraphs can practically be copied and pasted with each new release, with small changes such as the name and explanation of the technique.

So, as welcome as the development is, it hardly justifies investing in a new big game, which is currently difficult to buy for less than 300 Brazilian Real.

Ultimate Team mode is back in ‘Fifa 22’ – Image: Trailer

Someone help us, Lazarus, to understand

The truth is that every version of FIFA proves outdated – especially compared to what Konami did.

EA’s main livelihood has always been the franchise in Ultimate Team. The mode, in which players build their own teams from cards representing real athletes to take on other people online, may be annoying to casual fans, but it has undoubtedly been the main attraction of the game for years.

It is possible to develop without investing a penny, in addition to the price of the game, but it is clear that the most enthusiastic spend good sums so as not to get nervous in each game.

With few new features in Ultimate Team mode compared to FIFA 21The lack of reasons for a developer to keep forcing their fans to buy a new game every year is becoming increasingly glaring.

Especially if unlocking this system will result in more players and therefore more card packs being sold.

Career now offers more interaction options that affect the relationship with the coach, but it’s far from stealing the focus of matches with friends or online opponents on the Ultimate.

Volta continues the hilarious mood of the late “Viva Street” series, but still lacks enough personality to distract him for more than a few minutes.

With all this, the impression is strengthened that the era of annual editions is outdated. FIFA 22 relies on a new generation of consoles and the failure of the competition, but things won’t stay that way forever.

Former “Fifa” and “Pro Evolution Soccer” – formerly “Winning Eleven”, now “eFootball” – spent decades trading the title of the best franchise, at least for the Brazilians.

As much as EA has established itself in recent years as a mainstay, and Konami shows no credible signs of reaction, history shows that this convenience can be a betrayal.

The Japanese broke their faces in this match, but the Running Points Championship has these things.

Regularity is usually important, but in a two-player-only competition, sometimes a little more daring, plus a little luck, is enough to turn the game around. And the ball, which any Breton fan knows, is penal.