September 28, 2023

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Google TV officially launched in Brazil;  Understand the features

Google TV officially launched in Brazil; Understand the features

Google has already announced the arrival, as of this October, of the system developed for smart TVs, called Google TV. This will not invalidate the current Android TV, but it is assumed that it will gradually become the successor to the current TV.

This model is combined with the new TV models produced by TCL. Thus, many features will be available, such as: smart home integration, content control for children, and more efficient integration with streaming platforms.

Altogether, there are more than six thousand apps and about 700 thousand movies and series that can be searched and even filtered by genre. All this can be done right in the program without having to search every platform. With the system built into the smart home, you will be able to control everything from the TV or from the cell phone itself.

This convenience shows how far Google has progressed in making technology more relevant to our daily needs. With mobile integration, it is possible, for example, to write what you are looking for more quickly, whether it is a movie, series or songs on Spotify, among others.

Another feature is the ability to start a movie, for example, on a cell phone and continue on TV. Each resident of the house can enjoy the system in a way customized to his profile. Thus, as is traditionally done in Google nominations, they will be listed according to Your account profile.

On your cell phone, laptop, or TV, you can buy movies, series, or music and leave them on a watch list so you can consume them whenever you want. The entire system is formulated to be a direct competitor to Samsung’s Tizen and LG’s Web OS.

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