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FIFA decides to suspend Russia's membership, which removes the country from the World Cup in Qatar - 02/28/2022

FIFA decides to suspend Russia’s membership, which removes the country from the World Cup in Qatar – 02/28/2022

FIFA decided to Russia suspended from international competitions indefinitely at football After the Russian military attack on Ukraine, which on Monday entered its fifth day – this applies to national teams and clubs at all levels. The International Federation confirmed the information, in a statement, after communicating with the legal department to link the decision based on the entity’s statute. UEFA (European Football Association) signs along with the memorandum issued by FIFA.

The main allegation of the suspension would be a violation of human rights rules, which is reflected in the FIFA rules. The decision takes the Russians out of the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year, as the team was unable to play a playoff in the European qualifiers – there was a match scheduled for March 24, on neutral ground, but opponent Poland warned. It will not enter. In this area.

Slovakia, who finished third in Russia’s group in the early qualifying round, asked to replace the suspended country, but this may have consequences for the lottery already made for the clashes on November 26. Turkey, for example, has a better campaign than Slovaks and could have the right to play at home in the playoffs. That’s why FIFA can simply award the WO to Poland and put it into the second round of replay, waiting for the winner from Sweden and the Czech Republic – countries that have also warned that they will not face Russia. FIFA has not yet announced what it will do.

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The comment comes a day after the decision to ban matches on Russian soil, fans in neutral stadiums, and the use of the Russian flag, name and national anthem. The members of the International Federation Council considered the sanctions timid and pressure continues to suspend any international championship.

After the Poles, Czechs and Swedes warned that they would not face Russia, other associations followed suit: England, Denmark, Norway and Ireland said they would not play Russia in the near future at any level of football. Iceland, which already played a match against the Russians scheduled for June, at the level of the League of Nations, has positioned itself in the same way.

The play-offs for Ukraine in Europe have not changed: on March 24 against Scotland, in Glasgow, and if they win on the 29th against both Wales and Austria, it will also be away from home. The Scottish Football Association has offered a training facility for the Ukrainians to stay in Glasgow ahead of the March game.