October 4, 2023

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Film and series tours in the UK

The orphans of the acclaimed British series “Donton Abbey” have good reason to celebrate. The second film, inspired by the work that has snatched away thousands of fans around the world, is set to hit theaters in Brazil this Thursday, the 28th.

“Downton Abbey 2: A New Era” is shrouded in mystery and takes place before the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange in the late 1920s. The Crawley family plots to leave England for the south of France, where Matriarch – Countess Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith) – gets an estate from an ex-boyfriend.

Thanks to: Publicity / Universal Pictures “Downton Abbey 2: A New Era” opens in Brazilian theaters

As always, “Downton Abbey”‘s systems, both in series and movies, are dazzling with their luxurious castles and breathtaking landscapes. Some of these properties are worth a visit and offer even more incredible experiences.

If you plan to travel to the UK, check out the options below to enjoy some of the iconic locations of “Downton Abbey” and other British film and TV productions.

Highler Castle (Hampshire)

"Downton Abe"

Credit: DisclosureHeikler Castle, which operated the television series “Downton Abbey”

The fort, which served as the setting for the popular television series “Downton Abbey”, offers a high-speed experience from September 10 to 11, 2022, where visitors can participate over the weekend. The magic of moviesWith plenty of entertainment and food items reminiscent of the 1920s. There is no doubt that gin will also be provided in the Highclair case.

Glenco (Scotland)

Located within the stunning Lochaber Geopark in the Highlands Glenco It already served as a setting for films in the history of “Harry Potter” by the famous British spy James Bond and “Braveheart”.

Credit: Advertising / Visit to ScotlandGlenco is one of the most beautiful and famous valleys in Scotland

Glenko was known thousands of years ago for its glacial carved peaks and valleys. An alternative way to appreciate the beauty of the area is skiing Glenco Mountain Resort.

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Howard Castle (Yorkshire – England

The fort is hosting a new exhibition from May 1. “From Brighthead to BridgetonWith original items and clothing from the “Brighthead Revisited” and “Bridgeton” series.

Visitors can also purchase Fort Howard Gin. On June 10 and September 16, special gin tasting sessions will be available inside the Fort grounds.

For triathlon enthusiasts, The Castle Howard Race Series Will be back from July 23rd to 24th.

Greenwich (London)

Discover the iconic neighborhood Greenwich From a different perspective – from above, climbing on the rigging and masts of a sailing boat called the Little Sark anchored at Greenwich Bear.

Credit: DisclosureThe Little Sark Rick Climb Experience is a new way to see the famous London Borough of Greenwich.

To enjoy the panoramic views of this new dubbed experience, cross one of the ship’s lower decks before reaching the upper deck. Climb the Little Sark Rick.

Greenwich has worked as a director for films and series such as “Cruella” (2021), “Thor: The Dark World” (2013), “007 – The World Is Not Inf” (1999) and “Skyfall” (2012). Such as “Bridgeton”, “The Crown”.

Credit: Disclosure; Visit to BritainA visit to the Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill is a must see in London.

Another place worth listing for anyone going to London Portabello Road. Popular street in the beautiful neighborhood of Notting Hill, portrayed in the movie “A Place Called Notting Hill” starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, has become a trendy gastronomic hub in the English capital.

At Portobello Stories: The West London Food Tour Learn about the history of the world’s largest antiques market and the neighborhood with a large Spanish community.

Credit: DisclosureTake a food trip to Notting Hill

Throughout the seven stops, dining highlights include Liberte cherry, Venezuelan street food (Kachaba) from Paplon, Jamon Iberico to London’s oldest – still family-owned – Spanish delicacies and chocolate truffles from Hidden Chocolate.

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Snowdonia National Park (Wales)

Historical monuments in Wales’ most famous national park are one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

For those who love adrenaline, The Snowdonia National Park That’s the best place. One of them Adventure Park SnowdoniaIt offers places to enjoy the beauty of the region, including the world’s first surf pool –Surf Snowdonia– 300 meters with landing waves in the pool.

Credit: Hawlfrain and Goron / Crown Beautiful Snowdonia National Park in Wales, England

From above, the ZipWorld Penrhyn Quarry Has the world’s fastest gigline – traveling at speeds of 2 – 1.5 km / h at 160 km / h.

At ZipWorld Lechwedd, the adventure goes underground at Bounce Below, a 176-year-old abandoned slate mine that is twice as large as St. Paul’s Cathedral. Large trampolines have been installed above the pits of the tunnel to jump into this playground at depth.