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Find out how to get a personal loan with Nubank in 2022

Find out how to get a personal loan with Nubank in 2022

The Digitization of financial institutions It is a modern day phenomenon and only tends to expand further. Initially with digital wallet proposals, today fintech companies offer cards and loans.

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This is the case of Nubank, for example, one of the leaders in this field who today offers practically any service on its digital platform. Customers can now search for loan possibilities online with the institution.

The fintech of the popular purple card (Nubank credit card) has always been known for its ease of credit. With its own system that constantly analyzes its customer base, Nubank is always investing in more facilities and improvements.

Customers who create an account on the platform can count on credit cards, payment vouchers, investment funds, and many other applications.

How to apply for a loan through Nubank in 2022

Nubank offers the opportunity to get a personal loan with repayment of installments up to 24. In addition, fintech provides a grace period of three months for the start of payments.

It is possible to simulate the desired value by the Nubank app itself. There, the customer checks and is aware of all the details of the contract.

As with other Nubank products and services, the loan application is made exclusively through the company’s own application. Therefore, it is necessary to download the program from the application store on your cell phone, register and open an account.

Step by step to get a loan from Nubank

Follow the instructions below to get your loan today at one of the most popular Fintech companies in Brazil.

  1. On the main screen, look at the bottom bar and select “Loans”;
  2. Click on “New loan” and specify the reason why you want this option;
  3. Run the simulation by entering the amount you want to set;
  4. Enter the number of installments and the date you want to pay them off;
  5. Confirm the information and proceed to finalization;
  6. Upon approval, the money instantly falls into the user’s digital account.
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