May 24, 2024

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Discover the new Nubank card offer

Find out how to get cashback up to 1500 BRL through Nubank

a nubank It announced its latest partnership, this time with an e-commerce platform, shopper. The combined procedure allows Nu customers to make purchases through the digital bank app and receive Cashback for each completed transaction.

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From there, the value Cashback (Refund, with English translation) directly into the account nubank. Once he accesses the account, the user can use it the way he wants without restrictions. The idea is to ensure more independence and control over the funds.

What is the value of Cashback?

To make purchases on Shopee and receive Cashback The consumer has to access the “Shopping” area within the Nubank app. What happens is that the feature is only enabled when the transaction is initiated by financial technology. Following the instructions to activate the display is also critical during the process.

percentage of Cashback Varies according to available offers. Generally, the amount to be returned will be calculated on the total amount of the items in the purchase, excluding shipping (if applicable). In a R$100 purchase, for example, and with Cashback At 5%, the customer will receive a total of R$5 into their Nu account.

Is there a limit value?

yes. a limit Cashback It is R$50 per consumption and per customer. In the case of those who wish to make a new purchase, it will be necessary to wait at least one hour between each transaction in order for them to be entitled to the refund function again. In short, a consumer can get up to 1.5 thousand R$ per month Cashback Via a Nubank account.

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How to activate a file Cashback About Nubank’s partnership with Shopee?

Those wishing to take advantage of the feature must activate the offer Cashback on the Nubank app before visiting the Shopee online store. Check out the step by step below:

  1. Open the Nubank app;
  2. On the main screen, click on the “Shopping” area;
  3. Once done, swipe down and click on View Shopee;
  4. Read all the information carefully and click ‘Activate Cashback and go to the store ”;
  5. ready! You will be directed to the Shopee website or app (if you have it installed). From there you can shop there and earn Cashback Directly into your Nubank account.

Important: To receive Cashback, the customer must initiate and complete the purchase process in the same session. Once the payment is confirmed, the person is informed that the purchase has been completed within 72 hours. The deadline for filing Cashback On account up to 90 days.