June 20, 2024

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Firefighters take Tic Tucker Jr. Calderao on the Eliana Show

Firefighters take Tic Tucker Jr. Calderao on the Eliana Show

Last Sunday February 13 broadcaster Eliana It ended up receiving the illustrious presence of Junior Calderao in the painting “Famousos da Internet”. For those who don’t know, the young man is a tik toker and it has spread on the networks Socially when playing a character full of humor and immorality.

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At first, entering the theater, he entertained everyone by deliberately mistaking Ileana’s name. “Good evening, Eileen!” , joked. In addition, he even explained that his nickname Calderao is a tribute to a transvestite named Natasha Calderao. “I’m looking for inspiration!” , He said about the choice.

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Junior ended up getting liked by everyone and begging Eliana to call the fire department. The presenter was eventually satisfied and allowed the professionals to enter the stage. They even did oral resuscitation on tik tojer. “I walked off the stage in style!”Presenter celebrated.

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Eliana talks about the exposure of her body

So last year Ileana surprised everyone by publishing a report about her exposure to her body. She shared a picture taken by the paparazzi and talked about trials which imposes a normative body on society.

“For those who have been judged nothing! For those who are judged, it becomes a prison that is only noticed after many ‘plunges’ in this life. Think or speak. I live the liberation of the situation and life as it is!” For the record, before stretch marks, cellulite, flat belly, whatever the topic, there is a woman, an individual, who with each passing day loses the receipt of judgment.She said.

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