June 20, 2024

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Bbb22 Jade Lais Paulo

BBB22: Jade rejects Laís’ request for Paulo Andre, and replies: “We’re not here for that”; He watches

While having an affair with Paulo Andre In the “BBB 22”And Jade Bacon He takes care not to cross some boundaries with the athlete. This Wednesday (16) the week’s leader refused a request from her friend, lais, which is about the boy. The young woman showed her fear of not affecting him in matters of voting in the game.

The Allies considered the possibilities of the next wall and came to the conclusion that Douglas SilvaAnd Arthur Agyar And Gustavo can vote for Vinicius or Bruna Gonçalves. That’s when Jade suggested that PA would be on the fence with the hypotheses. “I think the PA will stay here for now…”She said. Laes, in turn, made a bold suggestion: “You have to be able to make his head”.

Laes suggested that Jade “make Paulo Andre’s head” about vows. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
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The doctor went on to say that she would be convinced, too SloveniaAnd Lucas And Gustavo to follow their strategies. “I help Eslô with this [Lucas] I will try to make the head of this [Gustavo]Which is the title of the story.Laís added. But Jade quickly responded, saying she didn’t want to “manipulate” anyone. “It’s not head-making, head-making is manipulation, and we’re not here for that”She replied.

On the other hand, Jade felt that her point of view could be easily purchased by her colleagues. “We are here to share ideas and choose the best. Our idea turned out to be very good.”Reflects the player. There is only one problem: the attitude with the athlete. “I don’t want to cross the border with the Palestinian Authority because then I give it the right to do that to me”Bacon male.

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Laiss made it clear that Jade would not necessarily have to accept the strategies of the Palestinian Authority. “But you’re smarter and you don’t go with him.”Goiana argued. “But we’ll take it as we go, because I don’t want to have a headache here when you mix something with something else. Because I’ll also keep an eye on his situation”The leader concluded. Watch the video below:

Oh, folks… is it going to end well arguing the PA? Or will they leave the game out of the relationship?

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