June 16, 2024

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"First person I liked" · TV news

“First person I liked” · TV news

After the insecurity crisis, Vinicius Fernandez open heart for Eliezer Netto again in BBB 22. The law graduate said he didn’t know if he would continue to be nice, but the anger ended parallel to the businessman. “I was the first person I liked here,” he said.

“I wonder if it’s worth stopping being so nice, and being so nice,” Vyni hopes. “I think it’s worth keeping an eye on what’s inside you,” Eli advised, in a conversation between the two at the gym.

After that, Carioca himself began to vent his concerns. “I can’t imagine leaving here and people love me,” he admitted. “Why not?” asked cearense. “I’ve never had a path in my life where people tried to like me,” Elle admitted.

“And why can’t they like you now? If you wanted people to love you, it wouldn’t be you. I like you. And I didn’t like you because you wanted me to love you, that was the result of that”, Advertise me.

“It was from day one when I got to the kitchen and there were only three people in the house. And I was one of them. I was the first person I played with and laughed at. I liked you there,” Single. “You liked the pig, didn’t you?” Eliezer joked. Referring to his laughter.

“I don’t think I’ve said it before. Because if I did, I’d deny it. But you were the first person I liked here,” Vyni admitted. “Me too, you and Eslô [Eslovênia Marques]. The businessman replied: It was meant to be, because it was mutual. ”

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“And stop thinking that you have no reason to have fans. There are so many reasons,” encouraged the Ciara native.

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