September 29, 2023

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"We don't have a definitive diagnosis," says Calcinha band manager Preta about Paulinha Abelha

“We don’t have a definitive diagnosis,” says Calcinha band manager Preta about Paulinha Abelha

Singer Paulinha Abelha, of the Forró Calcinha Preta group, remains hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Primavera Hospital, in Aracaju, Sergipe.

In a coma, the 43-year-old star is intubated. a R7 I spoke to Dias Marques, director of Calcinha Preta. He said it is still not known for certain what is happening with Paulineha.

“The diagnosis has not been closed. We are awaiting the results of some of the tests that were done this morning,” Diasis said Monday (21).

The businessman also confirmed that Paulineha is still in a serious condition. A new bulletin released on Monday details that Paulineha has no signs of circulatory instability, is still breathing with instrumentation support and needs dialysis support.

Calcinha Preta’s profile posted on Instagram: “We continue to do everything in our power to heal our dear Paulinha. Let’s pray and ask for the health of our bees.”

Last Saturday (19) infectious diseases were ruled out after a series of tests. The singer has been hospitalized since February 11 with kidney problems.

Calcinha Prieta singer Bill Oliver expressed himself on social media this weekend: “Oh my people, they are passing by to tell you the news. Thank God, I ran tests that found there is no brain death, and the brain is working normally.”

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