June 23, 2024

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Flamengo CEO Reveals Pitch Changes Sees Fluminense as Preferred Partner in Maracanã Tender |  flamingo

Flamengo CEO Reveals Pitch Changes Sees Fluminense as Preferred Partner in Maracanã Tender | flamingo

After the first public hearing on the offer of the Maracana franchise, Flamengo CEO Reinaldo Belotti stated that Fluminense continues as the rubro-negro club’s preferred partner to object to the new notice, which will be published in January 2022. By on the other hand, the leader does not rule out entering New partners – Vasco also expressed interest in the tender.

– (Flamingo’s plan) is to win this tender and work for 20 years and, if possible, extend it for another five years. We have already demonstrated our ability to operate the complex in an excellent manner and we intend to win the bid and continue with the process. All possibilities will be analyzed. We don’t get rid of any of them. Remember: We are part of the Maracanã department with Fluminense. It’s our partner of choice – stated Belotti.

Reinaldo Belotti, CEO of Flamengo – Photo: André Durão / GloboEsporte.com

The CEO of rubro-negro has revealed that clubs are already talking to form a new federation in the new bid. The Fla-Flu duo are currently in charge of the stadium, which is supposed to run until May 2022, when there are expectations to define the franchise.

– I think we have to analyze the entire calendar in detail. We are already doing this, and we are looking for the best lawns in the world to bring to the Maracana. It is a set of actions. Flamengo and Fluminense are already planning to make this structural change to the lawn for now, regardless of the bid. We are the operators.

Belotti also provided an opinion on the minimum number of 70 games per year, which is in the current version of the Maracanã offer notice. Although it is not a closed requirement, the number of matches is one of the problems that Flamengo has to analyze.

– We have to analyze this well. We have studied the stadium over the years and have no information on any major arena in the world with more than 50, 55 matches a year. It is very difficult to keep the lawn in good condition. With the reform, the northwest sector has no light from April to September. We have artificial light that could improve, but it’s never the same. During this period he had the largest number of consecutive matches. We should have a garden that matches the quality of the teams playing there – he added.

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