June 24, 2024

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BBB22: Lena wonders after Arthur's return: "Are you playing it wrong?"

BBB22: Lena wonders after Arthur’s return: “Are you playing it wrong?”

Arthur’s return to BBB22 Mess with all participants, especially with their competitors. in conversation with EliezerAnd the Lina They commented on the game and questioned the mistake they were making on the reality show. As shook by the brother’s return, Eli He admitted he’s felt this way since lollipops I started to leave.

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Are we playing too wrong?asked the singer. “This is the feeling I had from the start. Because all the moves we make leave people‘, announced Eliezer. “I think we should strive to strengthen ourselves even now. Wait for that next dynamic“, accomplishment Lina.

Eliezer, who was so happy to be back from the last wall, felt like he’s been going in circles for the past few weeks. “It looks like we’re walking and walking and not leaving the place, right?‘, he asked. Apparently, favoritism Arthur It’s already in your face, isn’t it?

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