June 23, 2024

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French government lifts most restrictions in February

French government lifts most restrictions in February

The French government announced Thursday (20) that it will end through February with “most restrictions” enacted to stem the wave of variable micron cases, although “tension in hospitals” remains “strong”.

“There is a hopeful development, although we are not ignoring the tensions in our health system,” French Prime Minister Jean Castix said in a letter to Health Minister Olivier Veran.

The prime minister justified the easing of measures due to Ômicron’s behaviour, which is less dangerous than the delta variant, although he cautioned that this new wave is “not a simple flu”, as it involves many more hospitalizations than the common flu. .

France is currently recording an average of more than 300,000 micronized variant infections per day in the past week. Today, with 425,183 cases, more than 400,000 infections have been recorded for the third consecutive day.

end of restrictions

Castex clarified that from February 2, capacity restrictions will be lifted if the public can stand; Teleworking at least three times a week will no longer be mandatory as it has been until now; Do not wear a mask outdoors.

Similarly, from February 16, it will be possible to eat standing in bars and restaurants, as well as on public transport. Nightclubs, which have been closed since the beginning of December last year, will reopen.

With the end of the winter school holidays, at the end of February, the abolition of the compulsory mask for primary school students and the end of the controversial self-test policy will also be considered.

In addition, Castix warned that the vaccination card, which ends with mandatory immunization, will enter into force next Monday, 24, if ratified by the Constitutional Council.

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In this sense, the French Prime Minister said that if the numbers of injuries and patients in hospitals are favourable, the vaccination permit will not be applied.

Additionally, to encourage vaccination among those who are reluctant to vaccinate, Castex has made it clear that anyone who injects the first dose between now and February 15 and commits to receiving the second dose in a month will be able to get a permit, as long as they submit a negative test has been performed in the last 24 hours .

About 80% of France’s population has been vaccinated, one of the highest in Europe.