November 30, 2023

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Germany wants to recall 400,000 immigrants eligible for jobs in the country

In an interview, the country’s Liberal Party leader said that the labor shortage has led to a significant slowdown in the economy in recent years.

John McDougall/AFP

The German government intends to bring skilled immigrants to the country

Liberal Party leader GermanyChristian Doerr, who has been part of the coalition of the new government of the European country since the end of 2021, said in an interview with WirtschaftsWoche last Thursday, 20, that the nation intends to enlist hundreds of thousands of citizens. immigrants Eligible to live in the country in the coming years. According to Doerr, the country’s labor shortage has become a serious problem that “slows down the economy significantly.” “We will only be able to deal with the problem of our aging workforce with a modern immigration policy. We should reach the level of 400,000 skilled workers as soon as possible,” he said. Like other European countries, Germany has a low birth rate and an aging population, which puts A huge burden on the public pension system.The country’s economic institute estimates that the European country’s labor force is expected to shrink by 300,000 this year, with more older workers retiring and fewer young people entering the workforce.If the numbers continue like this, In 2029, the “hole” of workers in the country will be 650,000. In addition to attracting foreigners, the government of Olaf Schulz has also identified other tricks to make working in the country more interesting. One of the first actions of the current Chancellor was to increase the minimum wage to 12 euros per hour. (Equivalent to 73 Brazilian Real).

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