May 29, 2024

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Gao participates in Nando's show at Tora Festival.  Watch

Gao participates in Nando’s show at Tora Festival. Watch

Nando’s Race took the stage Tora Festival, at Parque Ibirapuera, in São Paulo, for a show full of successes and exciting moments on Sunday (3). The veteran was boosted by the new generation of national pop music. the singer John He appeared dressed in red and ready to sing three songs with his hitman.”where have you been“.

Photo: Capture/Multishow (Twitter)

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The singers sang on “yes“, Music Nando’s what or what They re-recorded it as a duet In March of this year. then, John She impressed the audience with her success.”Stupidalbum trackpirate“That spread on TikTok. Farewell to the audience, the young artist presented a version of the classic movie”two rivers‘, a combination of Reese that became known as the voice samuel rosaFrom skank.

“It’s a lyrical song, when I went to participate in his show, I wanted to choose a song and I said ‘I won’t choose obvious songs, I want to show that I like and know everything about his compositions. I chose a Dois Rios song that I like, but later regretted it in the middle of the process because it was so hard. There is duality: he is a genius who composes, but at the same time, he has a downside because he does not repeat any phrases. ”He said John About choosing “Nehrin”.

Watch Zhao’s participation in Nando’s Show: