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Luciano Hack commits a series of gaffes in honor of Marilia Mendonca on "Domingao" |  the television

Luciano Hack commits a series of gaffes in honor of Marilia Mendonca on “Domingao” | the television

Luciano Hack makes a string of mistakes while honoring Marilia Mendonca at “Domingão”reproduction

Posted on 11/08/2021 09:29 | Updated on 11/8/2021 09:30 AM

RIO – Luciano Hack made a series of mistakes during “Domingao” in honor of singer Marilia Mendonca, who died last Friday at the age of 26, the victim of a plane crash in Caratinga, Minas Gerais. The presenter received the performers of Marilia’s friends on the stage of the program. The singers were deeply moved, they managed to perform with difficulty and were reprimanded by the presenter more than once.

plane crash

Luciano Hack could not back down and mentioned at least three times the same plane crash, which occurred in 2015, in Mato Grosso do Sul. The presenter was with his wife, Angelica, and the children of the spouses, who had to make an emergency landing after leaving Miranda, 201 km from the capital, where Angelica was recording the song “Estrelas”. At that time, all the passengers on the plane survived. In addition to citing the same incident on the show, Hack recalled the case on the day of the singer’s death.

Aviation Specialist

In a hall full of the singer’s friends, Luciano Hack invited aviation specialist Leto Souza to talk in detail about what had happened on the flight that killed artist and producer Henrique Ribeiro, the singer’s uncle and advisor Abesele Silvera Dias Filho, and pilot Giraldo. Martins de Medeiros and his assistant, Tarciso Pessoa Viana. Friends, already shaken, are forced to relive the whole incident.

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The presenter also missed key data about the accident, such as the time of the fall. The pilot’s name, Giraldo, was also forgotten, and specialist Leto Sousa “saved” him.

Inappropriate comments

Luciano Hack said Marilia Mendonca, at age 15, wrote the song “Você Não Manda em Mim,” which was actually composed by her brother, Joao Gustavo, this year. In addition, when Huck recalled Marilia’s last performance in “Domingão”, a few weeks ago, he noted that she, Mariah, and Maria were “skinny.”

“Three weeks I was with the three of them on stage. In fact, only half of the three were on stage, because they were all skinny,” the presenter began. It is not known whether he was alerted on the electronic dot or noticed the error on his own, but he stopped himself and changed the course of his speech. The comment sparked a revolution on social networks.

Louisa Souza?

When he invited Luisa Sonza to sing “Graveto” next to Thierry, Luciano Huck asked the singer not to cry while performing the song. In addition, he misunderstood the singer’s name and called her “Luisa Souza”. Even with Huck’s scolding, Luisa Sonza was touched and cried during the song. She was reassured by the other artists who were there.