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George RR Martin says he didn't initialize the Elden Ring leaders

George RR Martin says he didn’t initialize the Elden Ring leaders

“This is new to me.”

Even with almost a month from release, the community elden ring Still in the process of discovering secrets, Easter eggs and traditions. Or even simpler things, like the fact that Every major boss in the game starts with the letters G, R, and M .. George RR Martin said he had nothing to do with it. The writer writes in English: “This is news for me.” your blog.

“Hey, Elden Ring is sexy in itself, and you don’t have to make up these things,” says RR Martin. If you have played or watched this game, you know that the game has a lot of bosses hiding in the catacombs and ore caves, as well as the bosses scattered in the fields of the Midlands. Unhidden, secret (sort of) nouns begin their names with the letter G, R, or M, which are the author’s initials.

These include Godric, Margit and Rinala. There are plenty of names that start with these letters, but I know many haven’t played it yet and they’re protected from spoilers, so we’ll stop here. Gamers have been discussing this “coincidence” on the forums for a while now. While the similarity is obvious, George RR Martin says the story was a fan invention.

“There’s a weird story all over the internet about how I ‘hide’ my initials on the Elden Ring. Oh, some characters have names that start with R, G, or M. So I say ‘Huh?’ What? truly? ? ‘That’s news to me,’ says George Martin. He went on to say he’s been writing names since 1971 and has used his initials for several letters, as well as every other letter in the alphabet.

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– Continues after announcement –

“But seriously, why do I hide my name in the game? My name is in the game, as one of the creators,” emphasizes the writer. He might underestimate it, but it turns out that the names of all the major bosses (and they’re not a few) start with a G, R, or M. If it had nothing to do with that, it might be a tribute to Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game’s creator, because he’s a fan of a writer” A Song of Ice and Fire”.

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