June 21, 2024

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Global market indicates a bullish day; Here, investors await the unveiling of the IBC-Br

Global stock exchanges continue to be in the positive territory this Friday, the 15th, buoyed by corporate results that were released above expectations.

In Asia, stocks closed higher as investors lauded China’s help in easing restrictions on mortgage lending at some banks in a bid to contain some developers’ debt crunch.

In the same vein, European stock exchanges and US futures are showing a rise in the trading session on Friday, driven by the good corporate results for the third quarter, especially from banks, which came in above market expectations.

In a way, the higher-than-expected numbers for companies help ease fears that economic growth will be severely affected by the energy crisis and supply chain problems.

Another factor that ended up fueling greater interest in risk was US President Joe Biden’s decision to promulgate the law, the day before, that temporarily raises the government’s loan limit, thus postponing a review of new debt in December.

For commodities, the price of a barrel of crude oil continues to rise, marking the largest upward movement since 2015. Meanwhile, the price of iron ore on the Dalian Stock Exchange has fallen. However, base metals rose, which may reflect positively on the actions of Vale and steelmakers.

In Brazil, investors should follow the economic agenda with the release of the Index of Economic Activity of the Central Bank (IBC-Br), at 9 am, which is a preview of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In the political sphere, attention is still focused on the debate over a flat fuel tax, with the text already in the room. In addition, President Jair Bolsonaro commented at an event that will set for the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, to reverse the “Water Scarcity” banner, an surcharge on electricity bills for Brazilians, announced by the government at the end of August.

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