March 26, 2023

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Government appoints Flamengo president to lead Petrobras board |  Rio de Janeiro

Government appoints Flamengo president to lead Petrobras board | Rio de Janeiro

The elections that will determine the new board of directors will be held in April 13.

According to a memo from the state-owned company sent Saturday evening (5), the nominations for Asmaa Landim and 7 other people came from the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in reference to the boards of directors Petrobras.

Two indicators were also presented through an official letter from the National Treasury Secretariat at the Ministry of Economy. Six names were also nominated to the state-owned Public Finance Board.

On a note, the Petrobras He stated that he had received an official letter from the Ministry of Mines and Energy with Eight nominations for the board of directors and Four nominations To the company’s financial board, and an official letter from the National Treasury Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy with two indicators To the Company’s Financial Board, for trading at the Annual General Meeting on April 13, 2022.

See who the candidates are:

board of directors

  1. Luis Rodolfo Landim Machado – Chairman of the Board
  2. Carlos Eduardo Lisa Brandao – Member of the Board of Directors
  3. Joaquim Silva e Luna- Board Member and President Petrobras
  4. Louise Henrique Karoly – Member of the Board of Directors
  5. Marcio Andrade Weber – Member of the Board of Directors
  6. Murillo Marocim de Sousa – Member of the Board of Directors
  7. Roy Flack Schneider – Member of the Board of Directors
  8. Sonia Julia Solzbeck Villalobos – Member of the Board of Directors
  1. Agnes Maria de Aragao da Costa – Member of the Supervisory Board (incumbent)
  2. Marisete Fátima Dadald Pereira- Supervisory Board Member (Alternate)
  3. Janet Duarte Moll – Finance Board Member (incumbent): National Treasury Representative
  4. Otavio Ladera de Medeiros – Member of the Competition Committee (Alternate): Representative of the National Treasury
  5. Sergio Enrique López de Sousa – Member of the Supervisory Board (incumbent)
  6. Alan Sampaio Santos – Member of the Public Finance Council (alternate)
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Landim is the boss of Flamengo and was the boss of Gas Petro and Petrobras Distributor between 2003 and 2006. Before taking up the position at Clube da Gávea, he worked for companies in the oil and mining sector.

In November 2021, Landim Denounced by the 10th Federal Criminal Court for retirement fund losses. In addition to Landim, Damien Viuka, Nelson Jose Getty Guimarães and Jeffrey David were also denounced.

According to the MPF complaint, the defendants exercised fraudulent management of a similar financial institution when investing the resources of FIP Brasil Petróleo 1 in the US company DEEPFLEX INC.

File photo: Eduardo Basilar Lil Ferreira, Chairman of the Board – Photo: Disclosure/Marinha

chairman Petrobrasadmiral Eduardo Basilar Lil Ferraratold Reuters on Saturday that he intends to step down.

“Presidency of the Board of Directors” Petrobras “It’s a 24-hour job and I want to spend more time with my family,” Ferreira said, adding that she has two adult children who live outside Brazil.

Ferreira declined to comment further.

The decision is made when Petrobras Face Investors pressure to raise fuel pricesAs the oil approaches $120 a barrel. The company controls gasoline and diesel prices in Brazil with more than 80% of the country’s refining capacity.

On Thursday (3), President Jair Bolsonaro said that Petrobras It could reduce its profits to keep fuel prices from exploding.

In a weekly speech on social media, Bolsonaro said he is sure Petrobras It will do whatever is necessary to protect Brazilian consumers from suffering sharp price increases.

Bolsonaro’s comments came after Petrobras You broke your last month Historic annual profit record And dividends in 2021 thanks to higher oil prices.

Policy Petrobras The pursuit of parity between domestic fuel prices and international markets has come under heavy criticism as the cost of Brent oil has risen. Politicians say that Petrobras You should help defray these costs.

On Wednesday (2), CEO Joaquim Silva Luna told Reuters that Petrobras He hasn’t made a decision yet on the fuel price adjustments.