April 24, 2024

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Imagem de: Green Man Gaming tem ‘Promoção de Férias’ com mais de 90% de desconto

Green Man Gaming has a “Holiday Offer” with over 90% off

Green Man Gaming has started a “holiday promotion”, providing games for computer With over 90% off. As per the default store, there are hundreds of games with special prices.

Among the notable titles are titles such as Marvel’s Guardians of the GalaxyEternal doom, overcooked! 2 e Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days. Offer ends January 5th. under the voxel I made a list of some of the best offers. To access the full catalog of promotional games, visit official site.

  • ostlast 2 (80% off, from R$57.99 to R$11.37);
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (35% off, R$299.90 for R$194.94);
  • death strand (71% discount, from R$ 239.90 to R$ 70.27);
  • Automata yoke (50% discount, from R$ 224.66 to R$ 112.33);
  • NBA 2K22 (51% discount, from R$ 299.90 to R$ 146.95);
  • Absolute Control Edition (71% off, from R$129 to R$37.93);
  • Detroit: Be Human (51% discount, from R$134.99 to R$66.15);
  • Killed: Suspect Soul (90% off, from R$ 112.30 to R$ 11.01);
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization Six Anthology (71% off, from R$278.99 to R$82.02);
  • 3 stars fate (92% off, from R$ 27.99 to R$ 2.24);
  • Evil Within 2 (80% off, from R$155 to R$30.38);
  • threads of destiny (92% off, from R$10.89 to R$0.87);
  • GTFO (25% off, from R$75.99 to R$56.99);
  • Dandy Ice (50% off, from R$29.99 to R$15);
  • Overcooked! 2 (75% off, from R$59.90 to R$14.68);
  • Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days (90% off, from R$56.12 to R$5.50).

So, did you like the gaming prices at Green Man Gaming? Want to buy something to play this end of the year? Leave your comment below!

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