May 25, 2024

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GTA 6 will take place in the US and Europe with 500 hours to finish the story

GTA 6 will take place in the US and Europe with 500 hours to finish the story

Surprisingly, GTA 6 was announced by Rockstar Games last month

Last month , The rock games Finally confirmed it GTA 6 under development It’s supposed to be for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Since the game was confirmed, Rockstar hasn’t said anything about the game and there’s no word on when that will change. What we have is what we always have, a metric ton of rumors, reports, leaks, and speculation.

More recently, it was the Grand Theft Auto 6 map that according to Leaker, The game takes place in South America. “Rockstar is exploring South America with an upcoming GTA title. In the long run, they may have a new game title set in Tokyo. Lots of potential there. Assuming we’re alive when that title is announced,” the monk said at the time.

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Now, second Michael Butcher, a well-known game industry analyst, the game should have all the other title sites and take about 500 hours to complete. According to the analyst: GTA 6 It has been in development since 2014 with the creation of the story, and as of 2015, Rockstar had begun writing codes. “There are naive people who think that Rockstar, with its 2,000 employees, just sit around and get bored… No, they aren’t. These guys are working hard to create amazing content, but GTA VI is going to take 10 years or more,” said Patcher.

This complete delay in development, according to the analyst, is due to the fact that Rockstar will create an unprecedented world, not only compared to other titles from rock games, but among all the open world games created. The analyst comments: “The reason, according to my understanding, is a combination of Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City (then GTA III), Europe and certainly London.”

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It will be possible to travel across these continents, he says: “You will be able to go anywhere in these continents and you will have missions that will take you to those places.” “It’s probably literally 400 or 500 hours of gameplay from launch. That’s what they’re doing now, that’s what they’ve turned GTA VI into,” adds Patcher.