May 24, 2024

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Soon, no Samsung cell phone will have a charger in the box |  half a bit

Soon, no Samsung cell phone will have a charger in the box | half a bit


Samsung headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands

When Apple announced it wouldn’t ship the charger with the iPhone, Samsung more quickly resented the competitor, only to later do the same with the Galaxy S and (delayed) Note lines. Until then, it was believed that the company would maintain the strategy only with high-end mobile phones and tablets, but this is not the case.

Galaxy F23, an intermediate model initially launched in India, does not have the charger in the box, and according to information leaked by trading partners, The same is true for Galaxy A line models
. In fact, Samsung is preparing to stop offering the accessory in its entire mobile line.

The change was disclosed by insider Yogesh Brar and information posted by Onsitego. Galaxy F23 is a cell phone with Snapdragon 750G processor, 4 or 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal space, triple array of cameras on the back, 5000 mAh battery and Android 12. It is mid-range .

It has a suggested price of Rs 17,499 on the model with 4 GB of RAM, around R$ 1,100 in direct conversion, but according to Brar, upon checking the product packaging, it was found that the Galaxy F23 would not be sold with the charger, leaving users Option to use old accessories or buy a new one on their own.

Samsung’s move isn’t entirely isolated, in fact the Galaxy A13 5G, which was launched in December 2021 and a product that is an excellent mid-range, from a slightly above line Galaxy F and below the Galaxy S line, actually comes without a charger and headphones. ..heard in the box.

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Until then, the policy of not including the charger was limited to the Galaxy S, Z Fold and Z Flip lines, changes that were approved in 2021, months after Apple started the movement with the iPhone 12 line, with the accessory also removed from older models still selling .

In fact, today no new iPhone comes out of the box with a charger; And for now it continues to ship with iPads, which Samsung has already advanced in this regard.

Until the Galaxy A13 5G, it was believed that Samsung would restrict the non-delivery of chargers to more expensive mobile models, but the inclusion of a premium broker in the list of contemplated devices showed that the plan was to stop sending the accessory entirely, regardless of the class of the gadget and its intended consumer range.

Apple used its “commitment to the environment” as an excuse to try to reduce the generation of e-waste, for which many tech companies have come under pressure. In the European Union, the requirement is associated with the adoption of USB-C as the standard port for all electronic devices, although Apple strongly refuses to give up control of the Lightning port.

At the same time, Apple announced that it believes the mobile market will follow suit, which it has already done. Although Samsung mocked the competitor and then did the same, it’s worth noting that with the headphone port it was the same.

The Galaxy F23 will be the first Samsung device aimed at low-income users to not offer the charger in the box, which also likely does not have a headphone jack, if we use the example of the Galaxy A13 5G, but it does not stop there.

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According to future release listings from a European retailer, the Galaxy M23 and Galaxy M33, which are the South Korean manufacturer’s current entry line, will not come with the charger in the box. Samsung has not confirmed these rumors, but if the latest versions are a reference, none of the company’s mobile phones will come with the accessory.

Samsung, at the moment, is the only one, after Apple, to adopt a strategy to stop offering free chargers with cell phones, and the first to expand the base to include tablets. At least for the time being, Android platform competitors like Motorola, Realme, Xiaomi, Redmi and others continue to offer the component, but it is not known if this will continue.

If it depends on Apple, Samsung and external pressures, and if the trend expands in the future, consumers will have to make do with a powerful, certified generic charger to charge all their devices, and when that fails, buy another one out of pocket.