May 30, 2024

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Guelma plays with the serum after hospitalization: 'I was resting, I swear'

Guelma plays with the serum after hospitalization: ‘I was resting, I swear’

Guelma appeared enjoying the portable carrier that carried the serum that had been applied to her veins earlier this evening. The 47-year-old singer He recently needed to be hospitalized in Sao Paulo after developing swelling after contracting covid-19 four times And diagnosed with esophagitis, gastritis and edema.

With discharge from hospital, Baran is now recovering at home. Today, Guelma is shown playing with the movable support of her IV, using it to skate around the room.

“It’s Para, it’s Calypso, it’s an intravenous serum!” Guilma wrote in the caption to the video posted on her Instagram account. And she added, “I was in bed, I swear!”

I was completely distorted

Guelma has already been diagnosed with Covid-19 at least three times since 2020, the last of which was public knowledge in January, when she already had her full coronavirus vaccination schedule (two doses and a booster), leaving her with only mild symptoms and in isolation at home. In October last year, She said in an interview with Kim that she was “distorted”..

“I had all the symptoms and more. What I went through was so heavy. My body swelled up, and I became larger than a 9 month pregnant woman. I was completely disfigured. My hair fell out so much, it was a ridiculous thing. So far my body is not back to normal, it was I have to change my chest size,” says Guelma.

The singer described the moment as a “near death experience”. However, the artist talks about overcoming it after Corona Virus. “It was refreshing, it changed something here. It was another victory, another hurdle was overcome. I had to cross it. It changed the way you see life,” he says.

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“For all that I have been through, today I take anything from the message. I am a person who tries to strengthen my faith a lot. I believe that when you have peace and joy within you, things can happen that you stay there resolute and strong,” he finished.

on “Altas Horas” (TV Globo), She said the disease also affected her memory and eyesight. He said, “It was very serious. It even affected my vision and my mind. I had great difficulty remembering simple things. Now I am dealing with sequelae.”