October 2, 2023

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Celso Portiolli sob comando do 'Domingo Legal' no SBT (Foto: Divulgação)

Celso Portioli, after cancer, confirms the end of his career as a presenter

Celso Portioli spoke about his future on TV during an interview with Natelinha

Celso PortoliWithout a doubt, it is one of the biggest names in Brazilian television. By the way, the presenter is going through a wonderful stage in his career and does not hide from anyone how happy he is with the current numbers achieved in his program on SBT. Despite all this success, the artist does not feel professionally satisfied.

During an interview with the Natelinha website, contractor Silvio Santos opened his heart. When asked about his professional achievements, Celso Portioli was honest in his answer: “No, not at all. I would like to do bigger things. The game that is a success in the world. I really want to do different formats.”

In addition, the presenter assured that there will be something new in the program. “There is news for DL ​​(Domingo Legal), I don’t know if it will come out this year, but it is our idea, I created the program and now the direction, production and writing are set. I don’t know if Show do Milhão will come back this year, but I miss it,” he said.

Still in the chat, Celso Portioli spoke about the episode where he only wore his underwear on Domingo Legal: “I’m so skinny, I’ve never liked my body, I’ve always been shy, and it was hard to play like that. A moment that won’t be repeated (laughs)” . He also admitted that he had plastic surgery.

He also spoke about discovering cancer and the changes in his life: “I only do things that make me happy, I try to travel more, spend more time with my family and especially my closeness to God. I study the Bible, I have improved my way of praying, talking to Jesus Christ and our Father. and doubled my faith.”

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“The floor opens and you find yourself a checkmate, not knowing where to go. Celso Portioli confessed a lot of information at the same time, a thousand doubts, doubts, fear, grief, but slowly everything was resolved. About expectations 10 years from now, he decreed By the end of his career: “a healthy, retired man.”

Celso Portiolli at Domingo Legal – Photo: clone

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