June 12, 2024

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Gustavo Lima case: the deputy identifies 2.34 million Brazilian reals caches of sertanejos - Gerais

Gustavo Lima case: the deputy identifies 2.34 million Brazilian reals caches of sertanejos – Gerais

Country star Gustavo Lima has already been investigated by the public prosecutor’s office for receiving 800,000 Brazilian reais at another show in the city of São Luiz in Roraima. (Photo: Gustavo Lima/Disclosure)
The Public Prosecution Office of the State of Minas Gerais (MPMG) has established a procedure to determine the scope of Cash of R$ 2.34 million paid by the municipality of Concio de Mato Dentro, in the central region of Minas, to singers Country people who will be showing in the city between June 17 and 23.

These shows are part of the cavalry program 32 Jubilee Senhour Bom Jesus de Matozinhos. The fee will be paid from revenue that can only be used in the areas of health, education and infrastructure. Read more at the end of the report.

An investigation into the list of payments made to artists by the executive was requested earlier this month by Sidney Cebra da Silva, council member and second secretary of the Municipal Council of Concio de Mato Dentro.

On Thursday (26/5), the Public Prosecution office said, through a memo, that the representation of the city council produced a “notice of the truth.” “This is a procedure that has been put in place to check whether there are elements that justify the opening of an investigation by the MPMG (a civil investigation). There are no further details to be provided at this time,” the authority explains.

a mine case It was revealed on Thursday (26/5) that Gustavo Lima is the only one to earn 1.2 million Rls at Concio do Mato Dentro. Bruno and Marron rank second on the payroll. The duo will receive 520,000 Brazilian riyals from public coffers. Following are Israel, Rodolfo (310 thousand Brazilian reais), Di Paolo and Paulino (120,000 Brazilian reais), Joe Carrero (100,000 Brazilian reais) and Thiago Jonathan (90 thousand Brazilian reais).

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According to the schedule, he will also present Simon, Simaria, Nee Alves, Glio Cesar, Odier, Father Alessandro Campos, Lucas Reis, Tasio, Henrique Romero, Z Vaquero, Os Parada Quente, Jorge Henrique, Rodrigo and Boris Forman. However, as of the closing of this report, the contracts with the respective values ​​were not available for consultation on the City Hall Transparency Portal.

The millionaire figure to be paid to Gusttavo Lima is revealed after the country music star entered the scope of the Public Ministry (MP) to receive 800,000 Brazilian reals in reference to a show in the city of So Luiz, with only 8 thousand inhabitants and with the second lowest GDP in Roraima State – R$ 147.6 million (18,450 R$ per person). Presentation is scheduled for December, at the 24th edition of the vaquejada in the city.

The high values ​​that municipalities allocate for hiring rural artists have become the subject of heated debate on social networks. It all started when Z Neto, of the duet with Cristiano, criticized Roanne’s law during a recent presentation in the city of Sorriso, in Mato Grosso, but received 400,000 Rls from the local city council for the show.

Reflection, repercussions

The millionaire’s sum, according to the city council itself, came from resources from the Financial Compensation for Mineral Exploration (Cfem). This is an estimate paid by mining companies to the municipalities and cities where mining activities take place. However, the funds can only be used for education, health and infrastructure.

After a significant reflection in the average values ​​set by the executive on the cost of bids, the municipality advice Conceio do Mato Dentro issued an extended statement at the end of Friday afternoon (27/5) .

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“Events that bring improvement in the life of the community or investment for the economic development of the city are expenditures arising from tourism to attract tourists, causing the city to receive almost entirely investment in income generation, whether in local trade, in lodging facilities, bars, restaurants, gas stations, bakeries, home rentals and rentals Public spaces, among other things, promote diversification of the local economy,” highlights an excerpt from the note.

The CEO also claims that the city’s financial return, seven days after the event, is estimated at more than R$21 million. In addition, the city government assures that the municipality has 39 hotels, so the festivities will attract more than 20,000 tourists.