October 2, 2023

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Valentina Herszage and Mateus Solano celebrated the couple's farewell song FlaGui in The More Life, the Better!  |  The more life, the better!

Valentina Herszage and Mateus Solano celebrated the couple’s farewell song FlaGui in The More Life, the Better! | The more life, the better!

They probably constituted the most unlikely couple ever.”The more life, the better!He is very serious the greatest cardiac surgeon in the country. She is a spontaneous, free and light dancer and a pole. But. William (Matthew Solano) And the Flavia (Valentina Herzag) The audience that popularized the couple conquered a lot “FlaGui”. Now, with the final chapter of the novel, This Friday 05/27It’s time to say goodbye to this duo. watching video!

The author hints at the end of the TV series seven o’clock, guarantees a surprise after death and says that the bad guys will have a second chance! Listen here! 👇

Husband and wife: A FlaGui couple at their wedding in “The More Life, the Better!” Photo: Globo / Fabio Rocha

But before that, let’s find out if they anticipate all the success of their “FlaGui” song.The more life, the better!“.

“We knew they would end up together. But knowing if anything in the series would be successful is impossible. When it reaches the audience, we will know if it works. Our work ends when it is accepted by the audience. We are very happy,” FlaGui commented. Matthews Solano.

“Flavia has always been in love with ‘Dr. Galactic.’ Since she’s seen him, something has been hooked on her,” Valentina highlighted.

“We came from two very strong personalities, Eric and Bebeth, who were father and daughter. We were afraid that it would be misinterpreted. But on the contrary, the couple was well accepted from the first sparks,” the actor celebrated.

Valentina and Matthews as Eric and Berthe in Pega Pega – Photo: TV Globo

Valentina and Matthews commented on some special scenes for Felfia and Guilherme in “The more life, the better!“. The actors remembered, for example, the first kiss, the first time with switching bodies, and the scene of the birth of the couple’s daughter, Paulinha.

“The birth scene was very emotional and tiring, with many hours of effort. And it was in the last stage, so there was a feeling. I watched at home crying. That day we cried a lot. They were four years old and they were five.”

The daughter of Flávia and Guilherme . was born

Already losing touch with millions of the duo, Valentina and Matthews bid farewell to the series, thanking the audience very much for their support of “FlaGui” and “The more life, the better!” As a whole.

He concluded his speech by saying, “I would like to thank each of you who followed the series and sent a big kiss to Valentina.” Matthews SolanoWhich were exchanged by the partner:

“Matthew, I love you, we are together in this life for everything! I am really happy. It was such a beautiful TV series and thank you so much for the support and fans. Kiss!”