September 30, 2023

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Gustavo reveals Eliezer's tactics to survive at BBB 22: Arthur TV news

Gustavo reveals Eliezer’s tactics to survive at BBB 22: Arthur TV news

even out BBB 22Gustavo Marsengo continues to sting his opponents. When we talk about the game Eliezer Netto, The Unlikely suggested that the businessman stay on the reality show Globo only because of his friendship with Arthur Aguiar. Eli’s greatest advantage is compatibility with Arthur‘, expelled the investor.

While broadcasting on the BBB Tá podcast, Gustavo He said he still can’t understand why he left the show. “I still don’t know if you left [causa de] lollipop or if you left because of supporting another player [Arthur]. All the success Eli has had inside the house, he will be gone in a couple of days.”

However, the law graduate came back and considered the possibility of Eliezer staying at home after facing Douglas Silva and Pedro Scobe in Berlin 16 of the season thanks to former Ribeldi fans: “I think this support from the other player will eliminate the other strong players as well.”

Gustavo still insists on criticizing Eliezer for not positioning himself on the reality show:

Ellie’s greatest advantage is compatibility with Arthur. Eli, as much as I didn’t consider him a good player, after all, didn’t do much for the game itself, but he is a very funny character. I think his best asset is being the man he really is. He’s a really nice guy, he makes fun of him, he’s fun. Besides that good friendship.

In another part of the chat, the ex-brother explained why he defined himself as a “straight top” when his involvement in the glass house was revealed.

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“I want to make it clear that a straight top has nothing to do with the definition of a straight top that many people have. I am a straight man, and I consider myself at the top because I am a hardworking, hardworking man, I make friends, I am a caring man, I am loyal, they are of the highest qualities. I wanted Dismantling this meaning,” he justified.

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