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A warm party with a show by Momozinho and Kevin Coinciding with Dawn

A warm party with a show by Momozinho and Kevin Coinciding with Dawn

Wednesday is the day of celebration inBBB 22 inch (TV Globo) and above 5 reality She was able to enjoy a night exclusive to only them. The topic of “graduation” has left some brothers emotional and lost for their children. Plus, there were plenty of chats about the game and an emotional farewell between Ellie and Scooby.

BBB 22: “The Prom” is a reality party theme

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Come with us to check everything that happened at dawn!

“was bad”

He still remembers Gustavo, who was eliminated last Tuesday, Scooby mentioned that Forgive the ex-brother for possible mistakes he might have made He admitted that he liked him very much.

He commented, “It’s just that I don’t want to argue with the kids, but I love Gustavo so much. Damn what he did, he was a badass.” Douglas Silva, who took part in the conversation, agreed with the athlete.

“It is indisputable that he was a good person, a partner …”, he analyzed.

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BBB 22: Scooby and Douglas praise Gustavo

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Please do not stop!

Scooby tried to dance with dolls at the party, but he got a production call. Imitating the “guests” steps, he ended up touching them and he didn’t like Big Boss, telling him not to touch them. The surfer sat and was quiet for a few moments, but he tried again to dance with his “friends”, and took another call, this time from PA:

“No to the fucking touch!” shouted the athlete.

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BBB 22: Scooby got a call from production during the night

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Goodbye to the third

Ellie and Scooby used the party to say goodbye to each other, where they face each other at the wall on Thursday. The two were very emotional and the manager commented that it would be “a pleasure to lose” to the surfer.

“It would be my pleasure to go out for you … inspect the wall for you,” Eliezer considered as he hugged and kissed Pedro Scobe. The athlete, in turn, said that he would be on the wall tomorrow and was happy about that.

“Then, I’m going out tomorrow, Dad. Tied up. Really, so angry.” “I’m not going out,” replied Paulo Andre. Arthur Aguiar replied, “What a madness.”

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BBB 22: Scooby advises Eliezer to enjoy the game if you go out tomorrow

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Shortly thereafter, The surfer admitted to the Palestinian Authority that he is happy even if he leaves.

“If I leave, I’ll leave happy,” Scobey admitted. The Palestinian Authority replied: “No, you will stay.”

Pedro continued: “If you leave, I will cheer you on.” The runner replied, “You will stay. We will go to the final together.” “No problem, no. If you go out, you will turn all this here into energy. Perhaps?” Scooby finished.

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BBB 22: Pedro Scobe and Paolo Andre embracing

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Stories, our stories

Douglas Silva still didn’t swallow Arthur Aguiar’s vote and used the party to counter former rebels one more time. On the occasion of The 15th Wall, Arthur justified the vote for the actor by explaining that if he had to reclaim a reason to vote for the friend, he would have to talk about the episode in which he didn’t like happily DG when he was eliminated from the phony Wall. However, Arthur said in the justification that it was a problem that had already been resolved, but if he had to salvage something, it would be this episode.

Douglas has been thinking a lot about this topic since he discovered his friend’s justification and decided to put the “points in the i’s”.

“When we apologize, at least to me, we move on and forget about it,” Douglas said. “I think you understand.” Arthur replied that he only remembers the episode because he was forced to justify the vote. “Yeah, but I needed some justification, man,” Arthur returned.

The conversation ended peacefully and he thanked them for what they had learned between them. DG finished “I’m just not telling you I love you so you don’t cry”

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BBB 22: Douglas questions Arthur’s vote

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Oh, if only he knew what the “bakery” is doing here…

Scooby commented to Arthur that he would never be against him in the game.

“I swear, most of the time I’m talking about you and I’m talking about you, right from the start, I’m like, ‘No matter what he does. I know his heart. His heart is very good. The rest is fine. In short, the surfer said, “There is nothing wrong with what we say. His heart is what interests me.. It is the truth. His heart is pure and he is kind.. The rest is a station formed in society and life.”

Scobey continued, speaking of Arthur: “Being realistic is a place where you will form yourself around those you love, want to live with and close to them,” he explained. “That’s it,” Arthur Aguiar agreed. “The most important thing is that your heart is good. This is something abnormal in society, and it was supposed to be normal, but it is not. Your heart is you, you want the good for others.” browser.

In the end, the brothers embraced and celebrated their friendship: “We should see each other there,” Myra Cardi’s husband asked. “One of the things I love the most is our discussions. They are positive and sophisticated,” Scooby concluded.

Here, Arthur fans work together to eliminate Pedro Scooby on a wall on Thursday.

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BBB 22: Scooby announces himself to Arthur Aguiar

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Top 5 of BBB 22 win the graduation party on party night

Who is the top 5 brother who does not deserve to reach the BBB 22 final?


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The UOL vote has no scientific nature or influence on the outcome of TV Globo

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