May 19, 2024

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Hack apologizes for the horrible comment from Fat

Hack apologizes for the horrible comment from Fat

At the opening of “Domingão com Huck” today, presenter Luciano Huck apologized for it fat phobia comment About Marília Mendonça in the last program, during the tribute to the singer.

“When we make a mistake, I think it’s important for us to stand up, accept the mistakes, and move on. At one point (the tribute), there was a picture of Marilia, Maiara, and Marisa and it commented on the aesthetics and when I did that, I immediately regretted it.”

The world is getting better. We have overcome such important issues. There are topics that we should not talk about, and talking about aesthetics is one of them, everyone suffers a lot throughout life from aesthetic pressure. I guess we don’t have to talk about that anymore. Everyone should be happy as they are.” Luciano Hack

“I made a mistake, I won’t do it anymore,” Hack added.

Luciano also said he was proud of the tribute that was given to the singer.

“It took a lot of work, it was very difficult to do, I was very proud of what we did on air, I was very proud and I think it was an appreciation for the importance of this artist who left us,” he declared.

At the opening of today’s program, Alexander Pires and Seo George also spoke about the singer, Who died in a plane crash On the last day 05.

What happened

Recalling Marilia Mendonca’s last appearance on the show, along with Mayara and Marisa, last month, Hook noted that all three were “skinny.”

Three weeks I was with the three of them on stage. In fact, only half of the three were on stage, because they were all skinny.”

The comment sparked a revolution on social media and the broadcaster was widely criticized for his rhetoric.

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