June 20, 2024

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Ibn Chorao says, "I don't know what's on their minds."

Ibn Chorao says, “I don’t know what’s on their minds.”

Churau’s son Alexander Abrau gave his first interview about the fight between himself and members of Charlie Brown Jr’s band, to which his father was a singer until his death, in 2013.

Reserved, Alexandre spoke with “Domingo Espetacular,” from Record TV, and talked about the meeting that will be held to celebrate the band’s three decades, as well as Chorão’s 50 years. “I haven’t said anything in eight years,” he said. “For the first time in eight years, I’m going to reveal something personally.”

According to the singer’s son, it was discovered that Marcão and Thiago Castanho had abandoned the project through posts on social networks. “I don’t know what’s on their minds.”

I’ve always said, you have 25%. What I get, you get, too. All they asked of me, all they wanted, they came and put it as a hedge, I said ok.

On the other hand, the musicians of Charlie Brown Jr. claimed that they had difficulty working with Alexander and accused him of trying to control everything, without giving them space to make decisions about the tour.

We have made every effort to make this partnership a success, but it is very difficult for you to work with someone like that, who, in fact, always takes the lead on things, always wants to focus everything and ends up not doing it right and not respecting every Thing.
Marcao said.

Thiago Castanho agreed with his bandmate and regretted to the audience that he would not be able to watch the tour. “It’s sad, and it makes me a little angry, you know? Because the fans have nothing to do with it,” he said.

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According to attorney Marcus Petelli, who represents Alexander, the musicians of CBR Junior have filed a lawsuit against the singer’s heir., and hid part of what happened behind the scenes by announcing a new project to celebrate the group’s 30th anniversary. “What is in court is not on Instagram,” says Petelli, who gave an interview with splash represent your customer.

Marcão and Thiago deny the allegations of Alexander’s lawyer. “It was one Series One of the things that made us disconnect. “From the immature and irresponsible attitudes on social networks, to the attitude of wanting to do a project that is solidified with the participation of all and the importance each one can add,” they said.